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Ridge Preservation & Tooth Extractions in Coos Bay & Brookings - Combat Gum Disease

In some cases, removing teeth in poor condition may be the most effective way to provide for the enduring function and visual appeal of your smile. Tooth extraction is a commonly performed procedure that effectively prevents oral health deficiencies from becoming worse. Using this option, supplemented by reliable methods of post-extraction care, allows Donald Janoff, DDS, MBA to thoroughly improve his patients’ periodontal conditions.

The extraction services offered at our practice lead to maximal dental health and truly revitalized smiles for patients in Coos Bay and the surrounding communities of North Bend and Bunker Hill.   

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Extraction is often recommended when the dental condition of a tooth has declined so that it is no longer of service to a patient. After examining the periodontal health of his patients, including diagnostic imaging of their dentition, Dr. Janoff may determine tooth extraction to be the most beneficial treatment option for significantly damaged or impacted  teeth.

Specific circumstances where Dr. Janoff may recommend an extraction procedure include:

  • Advanced periodontitisGum disease progression damages the connecting periodontal and bone tissue, causing loose teeth.
  • Fractured teeth – Left untreated, severe  cracks and other traumatic dental injury can leave your smile vulnerable to decay or development of periodontal infection.
  • Dental implants – To ensure patients receive optimal, long-lasting benefit from their implant, it is necessary to fully evulse the deficient tooth.
Ridge Preservation & Tooth Extractions in Coos Bay & Brookings

Importance of Post-Extraction Treatment

While existing periodontal health risks are effectively reduced by extraction, adequate care for the remaining bone and gum tissue after the procedure is essential. Even when removed by a professional, the support beneath an absent tooth will be gradually lost, or resorbed, without treatment.

Our Coos Bay extraction services involve a variety of available methods and techniques to preserve the structure of patients’ smiles. A comprehensive examination of the extraction site allows Dr. Janoff to evaluate the quality and thickness of bone and design a customized treatment plan to meet his patients’ specific aesthetic and wellness goals.

Alveolar Ridge Preservation

Alveolar ridges are the portions of the jaw that contain the sockets of the teeth and undergo loss of bone volume and shape following tooth extraction. We utilize alveolar ridge preservation techniques that offer patients prompt benefits to their smiles’ structural health. Performed immediately following an extraction, ridge preservation involves cleaning and filling the socket with grafting material. This approach protects against potential infection and keeps ridge integrity, either to assist with proper healing or in preparation for a future procedure.

In particular, when performed before dental implant placement, alveolar ridge preservation can grant patients many advantages, such as:
  • Greater dental implant stability
  • Earlier placement of implants, due to accelerated bone regeneration
  • Fewer supplemental procedures to augment the jaw
  • More natural appearance for your implant

When undergoing ridge preservation treatment in Coos Bay, our patients will receive safe and effective care, supplemented by the extensive professional understanding of advanced tissue regeneration Dr. Janoff possesses.

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The extraction and ridge preservation services at our practice are helping patients in Coos Bay, North Bend, and Bunker Hill achieve healthier, attractive smiles. To learn more, schedule an appointment with our office today!


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