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Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment in Brookings & Coos Bay - Treat Gingivitis & Periondontitis

Commonly known as gum disease, periodontal disease affects the gums of approximately three out of every four people. Many patients do not seek treatment before significant damage has occurred to their smile and overall well being, due to the gradual progression of the disease. As a periodontist, Donald Janoff, DDS, MBA is specially trained to examine and provide solutions for oral soft tissue that halt disease progression and optimize dental health.

Our Coos Bay practice offers modern, comprehensive diagnosis and periodontal care for local patients as well as those in nearby North Bend and Bunker Hill.

What are the Risk Factors?

Periodontal disease is caused by the formation of plaque, a layer of bacteria, on the surface of the teeth. Several factors put patients at greater risk of producing plaque, many due to poor health habits. Deficient oral hygiene plays a large role in gum disease development, as do tendencies that interfere with the body’s ability to fight disease, like smoking, stress, and diets lacking essential nutrients.

Not all factors are behavioral in nature. Diabetes, fluctuating hormones, genetic predisposition, and conditions that affect the immune system all increase the risk and severity of disease. Given how many elements contribute to periodontal disease, Dr. Janoff will work with each patient individually to identify the underlying causes.

Types of Periodontal Disease Gum Disease Treatment in Coos Bay & Brookings

Gingivitis refers to mild periodontal disease, where plaque travels into the gums, leading to inflammation, increased sensitivity, swelling and bleeding. At this stage, the disease can be easily reversed with few lingering effects with professional cleanings.

Periodontitis can develop from untreated gingivitis, creating more complex issues as plaque spreads below the gum line. The spreading bacteria increases the depth of the grooves between the gums and teeth, called pockets, leaving them vulnerable to infection. Supporting gum tissue and bone become damaged and lost as disease progresses.

Moderate cases can be effectively treated by deep cleaning through eliminating plaque and tartar as well as smoothing and reattaching tooth roots separated by infection. This treatment will also precede surgery.

Advanced Periodontitis has a substantial impact on a patient’s wellness and often needs surgical treatment. Supportive material in the gums and bone may recede to the point where the teeth become loose, requiring extraction.

Dr. Janoff will perform gum and bone grafts to restore lost connective tissue. In addition, his focus on advanced regeneration techniques ensures this tissue will regrow properly, returning function to the affected areas.

Periodontal Therapy with the LANAP® Protocol

Our Coos Bay practice advocates using cutting edge techniques and technologies to provide efficient, yet gentle care for our patients. This is exemplified in our laser-assisted options using the LANAP® (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure) protocol. Dental lasers are designed to be powerful and minimally invasive, eliminating bacteria and inflammation from diseased tissue while leaving healthy gums unscathed. Patients are reporting improved comfort and healing following LANAP® procedures, especially when combined with traditional deep cleaning treatments.

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