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Missing teeth can prevent you from achieving your healthiest, most attractive smile, which may make social and professional situations feel uncomfortable. Dental implants are an enduring solution that can return your wellbeing. Whether a single tooth or multiple teeth are absent, Dr. Donald Janoff offers Coos Bay patients the full function they once enjoyed through a variety of implant options.

What is a Dental Implant?Brookings Dental Implants - Coos Bay, OR

A dental implant is designed to emulate the look and performance of your natural dentition through the combined effort of its three parts: the post, abutment and restoration. When a tooth is missing, the bone underneath undergoes resorption, or gradual deterioration, causing an unhealthy change to your facial structure. An implant post replaces the missing tooth root, preventing resorption. As it is made of titanium, a very biocompatible material, the post fuses with the jawbone through the process of osseointegration, fixing the implant firmly in your mouth.  The post is capped by an abutment, creating a secure base on which the replacement tooth, or restoration, can be placed. Our Coos Bay implant dentist provides restoration solutions that possess genuine utility and aesthetic.

What are your Implant Options?

Due to incredible advancement in the field of implant dentistry, your options can be tailored to your individual need. These include:
Single tooth implants – When only one tooth is missing, a single restoration can be placed as a permanent solution. This conservative approach allows you to regain natural function without altering healthy neighboring teeth. 

Implant-supported bridges – For patients who need multiple teeth restored, an implant-supported bridge serves as a long-lasting alternative to its traditional counterpart. In addition, existing oral conditions are preserved as this bridge is fixed to an implant, not anchored to surrounding dentition.

Implant-supported full dentures – Edentulous patients may find conventional dentures uncomfortable, especially if improper fit or adhesive causes them to slip out of place. Dentures secured by implants grant both the look and feel of a complete smile, retaining patients’ ability to eat and speak confidently.

Who is a Candidate for Dental Implant Placement?

Ideal candidates for dental implants have good general and oral health. Implant placement is a low-risk procedure with a high rate of success. As a periodontist, Dr. Janoff understands the key role that connecting gum tissue and bone play in successful placement. 

Due to this important relationship, patients with inadequate jawbone quality and quantity may not benefit from an implant. To provide for these patients, our dental office offers procedures that improve bone density and fitness, such as sinus and ridge augmentation. Dr. Janoff will also diagnose and treat any existing gum disease prior to implant placement. Patients with blood disorders, serious systemic diseases, diabetes or who smoke may not have the healing capacity necessary to safely receive a dental implant.

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Dr. Janoff and the staff of his periodontal practice are committed to working alongside patients to assist them in achieving their desired results. If you live in Coos Bay, nearby North Bend or Bunker Hill and are ready to find out how implant dentistry can restore your smile, call today and schedule a consultation.


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