Donald Janoff BDS,DDS,PhD (ABD), MBA
Fellow & Diplomate ICOI, Periodontology Specialist
Dental Periodontal & Implants, Laser Surgery
Call: (541) 808-9400


Periodontal Dental Patient Testimonials - Dr. Donald Janoff | Brookings & Coos Bay

What patients are saying about Dr. Janoff!

I have seen Dr. Janoff for years and even if he moves to different locations, I will make the drive because of how much he's helped me. He didn't choose the most expensive procedure like others have in my past. He chose the best ways to help me keep my teeth and he worked with me on all procedures around what I could afford and with my schedule. I have had many periodontic issues and he has helped me ease through all of them with great care. He has a great attitude and wonderful staff!

- Jennifer Monroe

My dentist stated to me that he would make a referral for me to see a periodontist specialist, like most general dentistry patients, I didn't know the specialization skills a periodontist offered patients. Your initial referral by your dentist to a periodontal evaluation is quite simple, and is the "right" thing to do. Famous Mark Twain saying. "It's much easier to stay out of something, than to get out of something." I vote for the highest level of prevention and to keep the finest periodontist!

- Mitse Kusmanoff

I have known Dr. Janoff for over ten years. I have worked closely with him in Washington and Oregon, referring both patients and family. I have found him to be a skilled and caring professional.

- Linda Van Mierlo DDS