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Coos Bay & Brookings IV Sedation Dentistry - Oral Conscious

A common obstacle that impedes people from getting the periodontal care they need is apprehension about receiving treatment from a dental specialist. As many as half the population admit to some level of anxiety regarding their dental visits, with nearly 15% entirely avoiding care. By offering IV sedation, Dr. Donald Janoff provides his patients with a reliable and effective option that can improve their healthcare experience. Whether in Coos Bay or neighboring Bunker Hill and North Bend, patients who come to Dr. Janoff can be at ease as they undergo advanced procedures for the enhancement of their periodontal health.

What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation refers to soothing patients with medications delivered through the veins. Compared with other methods of sedation, Dr. Janoff utilizes this approach to supply a rapidly developing feeling of calm. Paired with a local anesthetic, this form of moderate sedation induces a state of improved relaxation, leaving patients with little more than the benefits of better oral health. In fact, though they are conscious during their treatment, patients who receive IV sedation at our Coos Bay dental practice often remark they feel as though they slept through the entire procedure.

What are the Benefits of IV Sedation?

IV Sedation in Coos Bay - Anxiety Free Experience
In addition to working quickly to provide ease, IV sedation offers our Coos Bay patients many other advantages, including:

Conscious sedation – Patients are fully capable of responding to verbal commands or a light touch, meaning no equipment is needed to assist with breathing or heart rate.

Comprehensive treatment – The improved comfort level of patients under IV sedation allows Dr. Janoff to complete more therapeutic procedures during one visit, reducing the time needed to fully address their periodontal needs.

Diminished gag reflex –IV sedation allows for procedures to be performed without triggering severe gagging, even in cases where inhalation sedation cannot adequately reduce patients’ gag reflex.

Is IV Sedation Safe?

IV sedation is proven to be among the safest techniques for medically addressing patient anxiety, reinforced by the fact that only qualified dental professionals may administer it. Our Coos Bay periodontist and staff will be present with patients throughout any procedure performed under IV sedation to properly monitor their condition. Additionally, IV medications can be continually adjusted, allowing Dr. Janoff to tailor the dosage and level of sedation his patients receive for safe and effective management of their individual comfort needs.

Dr. Janoff thoroughly reviews his patients’ medical history before recommending IV sedation. Certain factors will require our Coos Bay periodontist to take greater caution with treatment, and Dr. Janoff will not recommend IV sedation for patients who are pregnant, have allergic reactions to certain medications used for sedation, or have other medical conditions.  

In order to ensure patient safety, our practice requires patients who have received care under IV sedation to have a designated driver to take them home.

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